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Today, Saturday 02 March 2024
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Variety in Exercises
Link Online Academy has compiled a variety of exercises to help learners expand their range of vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading, writing, pronunciation and a lot more.
Multimedia and Language Learning
Using audio-visual clips is one of the most important techniques in language learning which plays a major role in Link Online Academy's curriculum.
Fun and Learning
Along with multimedia, Link Online Academy has done its best to make learning an easier and more fun process by employing games, riddles, jokes, and proverbs.
Live Online Interaction
Regarding the importance of tutor-learner interaction both in learning and assessment, Link Online Academy has provided such a path through online video and audio chat sessions.
24/7 Tutoring
An experienced tutor will be in learner's reach in case of any upcoming questions and need for problem solving to make the learning process more straightforward.
Certificated Courses
According to Link Online Academy's curriculum, a valid certificate will be granted to those learners who pass the courses successfully.
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